Birding Hotspots - Baxter's Hollow, Wisconsin

I recently got a newsletter from The Nature Conservancy in the mail called Wisconsin Update where they mentioned that they had added two parcels of land totaling 30 acres, to the Baxter's Hollow Preserve, bringing the total acreage protected at this "Baraboo Hills gem" to 5,615 acres (I found out later that this is the largest TNC holding in Wisconsin). When I saw this, I thought "Great!" because I love Baxter's Hollow. Right then and there I decided to write this post because if you are a birder, and you are in the neighborhood, especially in June, you should definitely head there (see maps shown below).

I would say the "glamour" bird to find at Baxter's Hollow is the Worm Eating Warbler. It is found, it seems like every year in late May-June in the area around the bridge over Otter Creek. Listen for the song (a trill), the bird is hard to see but is often heard. Two other notable species found in June (92 species of birds have been found breeding at Baxter's Hollow) are the Kentucky Warbler (heard loudly calling in the woods along with Acadian Flycatcher (explosive "peet-sah call)) and the Hooded Warbler. I personally enjoy hearing and seeing the pretty reliable and very beautiful Blue Winged Warbler (♫ Bee-buzz ♫) and the Lousiana Waterthrush (found singing along Otter Creek. Needless to say, brush up on your songs before you go - I recommend learning the Canada Warbler especially. Definitely keep your eyes out for the gorgeous Scarlet Tanager, I have seen them along the creek!

Enjoy your birding trip to this unique southern Wisconsin birding hotspot!

Make a virtual visit to Baxter's Hollow now:

For more information:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Baxter's Hollow

Here is a birding report from WisBirdNet:

5/21/14 Baxter's Hollow (near Sauk City)

Enjoyed the serenity of this amazing birding venue from 7 am - 9 am,

- 2 VEERY (calling and singing)


Best of the rest:

- 3 Acadian Flycatcher (heard vocalizing with typical "pi-ZZA"

- 1 Tennessee Warbler (heard singing)

- 1 N. Waterthrush (heard singing)

- 1 Scarlet Tanager (heard calling….not singing)

A Male Worm-Eating Warbler Singing a Territorial Song

 Portrait of a Hooded Warbler, Singing

Male Scarlet Tanager Video

Baxter's Hollow Regional Map

Baxter's Hollow Map
Baxter's Hollow State Natural Area


  • Take US Hwy 12 northwest of Sauk City, WI for 7.5 miles to intersection with County Hwy C (across from Badger Army Ammunition Plant).
  • Turn left (west) on County C and travel 1.5 miles to intersection with Stones Pocket Road.
  • Turn right (north) on Stones Pocket; drive 1.25 miles where you will enter the preserve.
  • Continue north and park at one of the designated parking areas along the road.


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