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Birding Hotspots - Baxter's Hollow, Wisconsin

I recently got a newsletter from The Nature Conservancy in the mail called Wisconsin Update where they mentioned that they had added two parcels of land totaling 30 acres, to the Baxter's Hollow Preserve, bringing the total acreage protected at this "Baraboo Hills gem" to 5,615 acres (I found out later that this is the largest TNC holding in Wisconsin). When I saw this, I thought "Great!" because I love Baxter's Hollow. Right then and there I decided to write this post because if you are a birder, and you are in the neighborhood, especially in June, you should definitely head there (see maps shown below).

I would say the "glamour" bird to find at Baxter's Hollow is the Worm Eating Warbler. It is found, it seems like every year in late May-June in the area around the bridge over Otter Creek. Listen for the song (a trill), the bird is hard to see but is often heard. Two other notable species found in June (92 species of birds have been found bree…