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Book Review - Rare Birds of North America

Rare Birds of North America by Steven N. G. Howell
Right about the time I received a review copy of this book from Princeton University Press, someone on the Wisconsin Bird Net listserv thought they might have seen a vagrant bird called a Jackdaw. I looked it up in the book, and sure enough it was there. Now in this case, the person had some idea of what the vagrant could be, so they could have used the Internet to find information. But what if you see a strange bird you think is a vagrant, and have no idea what it could be? That is where this book becomes a "must-have" for the library of serious birders. Here is a resource that you can turn to in that situation!

First of all, the book is beautifully illustrated with 275 color plates by Ian Lewington. Below you can see the illustrations for the Bahama Woodstar, that show the male, female, and juvenile birds along with a "duller" plumage and a closeup of the tail. All of course go towards helping you identify your mys…