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A New Hi-Tech Tool for Bird Conservation - Geolocators

In an earlier post I talked about a bird conservation tool called Leg Flags. This data is used to track birds during migration, so that important stopover and wintering or breeding grounds can be protected. I learned recently of a little gizmo that is being called "a revolutionary new tracking device, one that is rapidly changing our knowledge of bird migration" (BirdWatching, April, 2013). It caught my attention because this breakthrough can be the foundation for furthering bird conservation goals for previously unstudied (untracked) birds, so I decided to investigate.

These tiny, battery powered devices are called geolocators. They are embedded on an innocuous tag that sits on the backs of the bird to be studied. The data that the geolocator captures is the level of light versus time. This data permits plotting the position of the bird over time, as day length varies with latitude, and solar noon (or sunrise) varies with longitude.

Here is an informative video which show you…