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Interesting, Enlightening Books on Bird Migration

Here is a compendium of interesting, enlightening books on a wonderful, and fascinating topic in the natural world: bird migration.

Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere With Migratory Birds
5 stars If you enjoy birds or natural science, read this great book! By Richard E. Hegner
I have been a birdwatcher for 39 years, and rarely have I encountered a book that I enjoyed as much as this. Unlike another reviewer, I learned a great deal about migration from reading this book--though, truth to tell, the book is as much about population dynamics among Western Hemisphere birds as it is about migration. One of the particular insights I gained from the book is a better realization of the somewhat parochial viewpoint many of us birdwatchers in North America take, considering migrants who spend only a brief part of the year breeding here to be "our birds," when they spend most of their lives either in Latin America or migrating between the two continents. The author has an unusuall…