Learning to Paint Birds Might Be Easier Than You Thought!

I ran across these two books about learning to paint birds by acclaimed author/teacher Sherry C. Nelson and thought that I would share them with you. I noticed a quote from a book reviewer that captured my attention:

"Her easy to follow instructions enable even a novice to create beautiful works of art."

Sounds promising doesn't it? Read on for details...

About the Author

Since 1971, Sherry C. Nelson has taught painting throughout the US and the world and is one of the founding members and past president of SDP. Her bestselling titles include Painting Garden Birds and Painting Flowers A to Z. An expert in painting birds, she travels the globe to study and photograph birds.

Amazon Description

Whether you're a beginning painter or skilled artist, you'll enjoy painting a range of delightful songbirds, including robins, wrens, sparrows, doves, meadowlarks, warblers, thrushes and more. Every bird is highlighted in a step-by-step format that features:

-Field sketches and reference photos of each bird in different poses
-Mini-demos that focus on details including facial features and types of feathers
-Step-by-steps of the flowers and foliage common to each bird's habitat
-Start-to-finish visual instruction, from beginning sketches to the final painting on canvas
-Instruction for including delightful details, including butterflies and ladybugs
-A bonus section on painting birds in 12 easy steps.

Beginning with the basics of oil painting, you'll find all the guidance you need for getting started - from selecting materials and mixing colors to loading brushes and creating backgrounds. From there, you can build your skills one step at a time. Sherry's bird-painting demonstrations start with the easier projects first and gradually advance to more challenging compositions, so your painting experience is gratifying and successful no matter your level of skill.

5 stars Great Book 
By S. Haver

I love this book. The step by step pictures and instructions on painting all the different kinds of birds and the backgrounds is exactly what I was looking for.

5 stars Great author/painter--great book 
By Bonnie Reece

Sherry C. Nelson has written another great book on painting birds. Her easy to follow instructions enable even a novice to create beautiful works of art.

5 stars Beautiful results . . . 
By Alma Smith

I purchased this book because of its absolutely beautiful conception of birds. I planned to paint them not in oils or in acrilics like shown, but in watercolors. The results were more than satisfactory and the directions made this painting so enjoyable. Anyone who paints in any medium would enjoy having this book added to the "artist's library" of references!

Amazon Description

In this book, 11 different oil painting projects show you how to create Bluebirds, Cardinals, Goldfinches, Hummingbirds and other stunning birds in their natural surroundings. Sherry even teaches you, stroke by stroke, how to paint delicate feather textures, markings and eyes!

Each project is explained in 20 or more steps and features a materials list, paint mixtures, field sketches and reference photographs. It's never been easier to paint the feathered friends you've been admiring in your backyard.

5 stars a must for anyone who wishes to paint birds 
By A Customer

Ms.Nelsons step by step,part by part,instructions keeps ones focus on one detail at a time,and almost makes a bird appear magicaly.I paint with acrylics,and have successfully used her patterns and tecniques.Now I am able to go on to paint birds useing my own field study photo.

5 stars would give this 6 stars if I could! 
By Michele

This is an absolutely wonderful book that any beginning artist must have. Ms. Nelson's instructions are so clear and easy to follow that anyone can produce beautiful paintings. Not only does Ms. Nelson tell you what colors to use, but what direction to make your painting strokes, how to hold the brush, what brushes to use..how much easier can you get?! I am currently working on my first bird from the book. My family can't get over how life-like my painting is. I am even surprised at the results! I am definately going to purchase more of her books and I have no doubts that eventually I'll be able to do paintings on my own once I've mastered the techniques in the book.

5 stars Painting Garden Birds with Sherry Nelson 
By Heidi

I love Sherry's book. I went from knowing nothing about oil painting to painting bird pictures I am proud of and my family is raving over. Sherry uses step by step instructions with pictures of each individual step. She gives helpful hints for making the birds and flowers look very life like. She tells you what products she uses and why. If you want to learn to paint birds, DEFINITELY GET THIS BOOK!!!!


Small Gould Hummingbird IV


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