The Beautiful Art of "England's Audubon" - John Gould

"English ornithologist John Gould (1804 – 1881) produced beautifully detailed lithographs of finches that were crucial to Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Gould, who studied birds and taxidermy, was hired by London’s Zoological Society to maintain their ornithological collections. Dubbed “England’s Audubon,” he published over 3,300 color plates of birds that were vital to studies in Australia, Europe, New Guinea and Asia. When he died, Gould left behind unsold works weighing almost three tons."--description from

If you enjoyed the selection of 16 art prints below; scroll back up and see more of this beautiful bird related art here: The Art of John Gould

The Birds of Great Britain, Published 1862-1873

Spathura Solstitialis

Bonaparte's Star Fronted Hummingbird

Celebean Pitta

Port-Moresby Racket-Tailed Kingfisher

Duchess of Leuchtenberg's Aracari

Chestnut Billed Groove Bill

Laminated Hill Toucan

Bird of Paradise, Engraved by T. Walter

Hummingbird, engraved by Walter and Cohn

Reinwardt's Trogon

Bengal Pitta

Yellow Billed Aracari


A Monograph of the Trochilidae or Family of Hummingbirds, Published 1849-1861

Platycercus Adelaidae from the Birds of Australia, C.1840


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