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This article is a review of The Atlas of Birds: Diversity, Behavior, And Conservation by Mike Unwin; Published by Princeton University Press, 2011; 144p

If I had to guess the author's overarching intention in writing this book, I would say that it is to enlighten and educate you, the reader, about the great beauty and majesty of birds and in doing so, provide you with motivation to want to keep them around. If you love birds, you will not want to see any of them disappear, and the more people who are behind this cause, the better. A sentence from the Introduction embodies the gist of my supposition:
"Education is especially important, particularly among communities in the developing world where many of the world's most bird-rich - and threatened - habitats are found."
So how does the author go about providing the reader with this education on birds? That is the topic of this review.
The book is divided into eight parts:
(1) Introduction to Birds

(2) Where Birds Live

(3) Bir…