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Reviews of Two New Birding Related Books from Princeton University Press

This article reviews two relatively new books from Princeton University Press, AVIAN ARCHITECTURE and CROSSLEY ID GUIDE. Both are, at this time, deservedly Amazon Bestsellers - Birdwatching.

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Avian Architecture: How Birds Design, Engineer, and Build By Peter Goodfellow

Summary: The strong point of the book is the many terrific illustrations and photographs that skillfully convey the details of a bird's nest building activities. It covers the many different approaches that birds around the world use for their nests. The information presented by this book will certainly add to your knowledge, and also perhaps your appreciation for birds.

One day recently while browsing the Amazon Movers & Shakers List, I was amazed to come across this book. I would never had guessed that people would be so interested in bird's nests and nest building activities. But the book is so well done, that I c…

Books to Help You With Your Bird Photography

Here is a selection of excellent books to consider as an aid to improving your bird photography. 

And then become inspired by the beautiful bird photographs that follow the books!

There are books specific to bird photography, others specific to nature photography, and still others on the "art of photography", a book on understanding exposure, and even a book on the effective usage of available outdoor lighting ...
Creative Bird Photography: Essential Tips and Techniques By Bill Coster
Creative Bird Photography shows how to photograph specific aspects of birds’ lives, such as eating and drinking, courtship and flight. The author gives examples, demonstrating approaches for taking great shots of these daily bird activities as well as taking "mood" photographs at dawn and dusk. Each shot comes with detailed technical data, information about locations, and advice about overcoming challenges to achieve the perfect shot. Coster also shares fascinating anecdotes about his en…