Birding in the Age of The Internet - Webcams

Birdwatching has evolved to the point where you can view birds without ever leaving your home! Now I for one love to go in the field and find birds - there is no substitute for that experience. But I also find it interesting that you can see birds on webcams - and I really like this phenomenon. The recent worldwide publicity regarding the "nestcam" that allowed viewing of the hatching of Bald Eagle babies in Iowa by thousands and thousands of people around the world was remarkable. I think it promotes a love of birds and helps create a will to preserve them because they are so enjoyable to have around.

Here are a couple of websites that maintain updated lists of webcams that are tailored to birdwatching:

Website list - Choose species

Here is an example nestcam - Wood Duck in North Carolina

Here is an example feeder cam - Flagstaff, AZ



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