Strikingly Beautiful Birds - Elegant Trogon

Southeastern Arizona is often referred to as a "birding hot spot" or a birders Mecca, and with good reason. When you make your first trip there you could well see many, many life listers - 40 or 50 new birds would not be unusual. This is because it is the northern limit of many tropical species. One of the most sought after birds is one that is breathtakingly beautiful to behold - the Elegant Trogon (historical note: when I was a kid it was known as the Coppery-tailed Trogon, and it was a mythical bird for me). It was a source of great excitement for me to find this bird on a trip to southeastern Arizona, as it probably was for you if you were fortunate enough to find it. I was able to track it down based on its loud, unusual dog-like call, a very thrilling moment in my birding life.

Below is a remarkable video of this rare and marvelous bird. Note the location in the video, as it sounds like it has been found there before. Enjoy!



Elegant Trogon, South Arizona, Mexico


Male Elegant Trogon (Trogon Elegans), Arizona, USA


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