An Important Bird Conservation Book

The newly published (Nov., 2010) The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation is labeled in the December issue of Birder's World magazine as "hands down the most important book of the year, one every birdwatcher should own." The book is described as the most authoritative and definitive guide to the threats imperiling birds in the Americas.

The book includes a foreword by novelist Jonathan Franzen (ABC Board of Directors member), and features over 500 photographs, maps, and illustrations. In the foreword Franzen writes “One third of all American bird species are in trouble and this book is the clearest, most authoritative account ever published of the threats these species face. Until now, remarkably, no single book has tackled the issue comprehensively...”

ABC President George Fenwick says “This guide presents a comprehensive classification system and threat analysis for bird habitats in the United States, the most thorough assessment of threats to birds published to date, as well as actions needed for priority birds of conservation concern...”

 Importantly, the new book also outlines an array of specific actions needed to protect the rarest bird species in the Americas, conserve and enhance bird habitats, eliminate the most damaging threats to our birds, build capacity within the bird conservation community, and garner the science to support the needed conservation work.

The book describes a “Strategic Bird Conservation Framework,” providing the road map for bird conservation and how the reader can become more involved. Most interesting! 

Near the end of the book is a handy, quick-reference guide to bird conservation for each state.

Further details, including Editorial Reviews, Customer Reviews and purchasing information are available by clicking here.

An interesting bird conservation related video that provides a great look at a rare flightless parrot - a kakapo - from New Zealand...


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