Binocular Review Info with Owl Pictures

Great Horned Owl ( 3 Weeks)
Photo credit: USF&WS

Here are links to product descriptions of binoculars, coupled with editorial and customer derived reviews to these help you find what you want in the way of optical goods.

If you already have an idea of what binoculars you want, or you just want to browse a bit, click on the link below and use the Search function to find information:

Binocular Store

For those who do not yet know what they want, here is a selection of specific reviews to give you a feel for the market:

Swarovski SLC Binocular 10 x 42 - This is the expensive end of the market;  the highest quality optical goods - get ready for weak knees and light headedness. 

Zeiss Conquest Binocular (10 x 40) - Here is the high performance end of the spectrum; optical goods that are a pleasure to own and use, but less expensive than the previous model.

Nikon Premier LX-L 10 x 25 Binoculars - Here is the middle of the market; a terrific, lightweight, waterproof, fogproof, magnesium alloy binocular that performs and feels good in your hands.

Nikon Travelite V 10 x 25 Binocular ; Nikon ProStaff ATB 10 x 25 Waterproof Binocular - These binoculars are an example of the "value" portion of the market; reliable, lightweight, waterproof  binoculars that are a mix of quality and affordability. 

Well I hope this post provided you with some useful information - good hunting! 

Northern Pygmy Owl
Photo credit: USF&WS

Juvenile Flammulated Owl
Photo credit: USF&WS


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