Citizen Scientists - Helping Bird Conservation Immensely

There was an interesting article in the local paper recently entitled "Citizen Scientists at Work" (Seely, 2009). Early on in the piece the author made a statement that was intriguing news to me:

"He's part of a little-heralded but significant movement in natural resource managment that is worth noting on this Earth Day - the rise of the citizen scientist."

What an interesting development!

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As a way of backing up this supposition, the author goes on to quote a State of Wisconsin employee who coordinates citizen based monitoring programs for the Dept. of Natural Resources, Loren Ayers: "Thousands of volunteers are now helping natural resource agencies and organizations in Wisconsin and around the country to keep an eye on everything from wildlife populations to water and air quality. The surge in interest in such volunteer opportunities has been matched by a growing willingness by natural resource professionals to embrace the efforts."

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The article goes on to quote Ayers with regard to a recent study that showed thee are more than 150 volunteer monitoring groups in the state, which contribute more than 300,000 hours of labor each year work that is valued at $20 million annually.

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Seely discusses the motivation of these citizen scientists:

"Why do people make the effort? Many say it is because of the resource itself, a cherished landscape or stream or creature. Others say they volunteer because of a reverence for all things wild and a nagging worry that, without the attention and the science, the rich diversity of the planet will fade to a memory for children and grandchildren."

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More power to these people!

If you are reading this article, and you have a citizen scientist volunteer opportunity feel free to submit it as a comment to me. I will publish it and perhaps we can match up a volunteer with an opportunity. I have readers from all around the world and it would be my pleasure to facilitate a match.


Seely, Ron, "Citizen Scientists at Work", April 22, 2009 Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, Wisconsin.


  1. In northeastern Illinois, an organization called "Chicago Wilderness" has many opportunities for citizen scientists. The link would be


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