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Bird Research - Key to Survival

I went to graduate school at Washington State University (WSU), and as such I receive an alumni magazine on a quarterly basis. In the current issue (Winter 2008/9) there is an article about the Conner Zoological Museum, which is located on the campus of WSU, in Pullman, Washington. The article discusses a story of how research and the understanding of ecosystem functionality gained therein, can be crucial to bird survival. It is a story about a small secretive seabird form the Pacific Northwest called the Marbled Murrelet.

Marbled Murrelet Nesting in an Ancient Douglas Fir Tree, California Photographic Print

Blair, James P.

40 in. x 30 in.

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But first some information on an excellent resource for people doing research on birds - the Connor Museum. The museum began almost as soon as Washington State College opened its doors in 1892. The Conner houses one of the largest collections of birds in the Pacific Northwest - about 15,000 specimens (as a quick aside …