Protector of Rare Birds

There was an interesting article in the local paper recently about a consultant named Brian Bub who works as an avian ecologist here in the Upper Midwest. He provides project support for utilities and wind energy development clients by ensuring that projects follow state and federal protection laws. He is a field biologist whose services include:
  • Assessing habitat suitability for rare birds
  • Designing and implementing bird survey studies
  • Eliminating risks to birds
  • Developing mitigation measures to avoid or minimize potential impacts.

Brian states that "the most rewarding aspect of my job is educating clients about birds and their habitats, as well as cooperating with the regulatory agencies to find solutions for avoiding and minimizing impacts to birds and other wildlife."

With the advent of wind farms as a source of energy I am very gratified to learn of some measure of sensitivity to birds. Any efforts to mitigate or minimize impacts to birds while achieving energy related goals are most welcome!

Note: Photo above is of a Black-throated Blue Warbler


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